General conditions and rules

    1. Addressees.


The PLE exams can be taken by anyone over 14 years of age who wants to prove, for educational, professional or other purposes, their knowledge of Portuguese recognised by a certificate or diploma.


     2. Registration.


      3. The conduct of the Examinations.

  1. Candidates must be aware of the instructions given in the Notice to Candidates, posted in the Examination Centres.
  2. Any irregular conduct by candidates (with the intention or effect of taking sides for themselves or for the benefit of someone else), detected by invigilators, will be reported to CAPLE and may subsequently lead to the cancellation of the examination. There is no appeal against CAPLE's decision.

The invigilator, with the approval of the invigilator, may expel from the examination room any candidate who persists in irregular conduct.



         4. Assessment and results.


  1. All components, with the exception of Speaking, will be assessed in Lisbon at CAPLE. Speaking will be conducted by local examiners and recorded.
  2. Reports from Examination Centres showing that there have been any disturbances during the examinations which may have affected the candidates' work will be taken into consideration when awarding marks. Where CAPLE considers it appropriate, the examinations of the candidates concerned will be revalidated in such a way as to ensure that they are not adversely affected.
  3. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate or diploma, which will state one of the following pass grades: Sufficient, Good, Very Good.
  4. The re-evaluation of an examination may be requested from CAPLE, via the examination centres, up to 5 working days after the information on the examination performance has been published, against payment of a fee, to be reimbursed if the candidate's claim is recognised.


        5. Certificates and Diplomas.

  1. The PLE Certificate and Diplomas are sent to the Examination Centres within three weeks of the issuing of the information on the result obtained in the examination. The holders or their representatives shall proceed to collect the respective certificates or diplomas by signing the document verifying their delivery.
  2. In case of loss of a certificate or diploma after delivery to the holder, the holder may request a certificate of the result, against payment of a fee.
  3. Duplicates of the certificate or diploma are not accepted unless the original has been damaged. In this case, the original must be returned to CAPLE via the Examination Centre. CAPLE will issue a new certificate, either the same or the original, on payment of a fee. This procedure is only valid for three years after the exams have been taken.



        6. Examination periods

  • The opening of registration is always announced in the News on the main page of the website.



For more information contact: or telephone: 980535052