Romanesque Zamora

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León, in collaboration with the Town Council, the Bishopric of Zamora and the King Alfonso Henriques Hispano-Portuguese Foundation, launched in 2008 the Plan for the Restoration, Conservation and Dissemination of the Romanesque of Zamora, with the aim of intervening in the 22 Romanesque churches and hermitages of the city, their surroundings and their movable property.


The Cultural Romanesque Cultural Project of Zamora is part of the PAHIS 2004-2012 Plan of the Historic Heritage of Castile and León. It is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism through the award to the King Afonso Henriques Foundation of a multi-annual nominative subsidy of five million six hundred and seventy-four thousand Euros, as well as by the allocation of own resources by the Zamora City Council for presentations in the surrounding area.


From the Foundation - located in its premises in Zamora in the former convent of San Francisco - technical intervention projects are drawn up, through the work of a multidisciplinary team in coordination with the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage and the Territorial Service of Culture in Zamora, the works to be carried out on the temples, as well as the restoration of movable assets and intervention projects, are tendered and executed.



The conservation of the built heritage is carried out according to the restoration project that includes the strategy for its long-term conservation. This stems from a thorough knowledge of the building, its historical evolution and its location. The study is carried out from different disciplines including archival emptying, architectural archaeology, pathology diagnosis or structural analysis. Restoration is a targeted intervention on a heritage asset, whose aim is to preserve its authenticity and its appropriation by the community. For this reason, the Cultural Project has a plan for the dissemination and enhancement of the Romanesque heritage of the city of Zamora. In this way, work visits open to the public, school activities on Romanesque are carried out, presentations in courses, seminars and informative forums, promoting respect for Heritage. The aims of the Romanesque Cultural Project of Zamora are to conserve and recover the Romanesque heritage of Zamora, to enhance it, making specialists from different disciplines participate in this process, and to make citizens, especially the youngest, aware of the need to care for and maintain it. heritage by bringing them closer to it and its historical, artistic and socio-cultural values.