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Below we indicate which are the access routes to Zamora and the directions in text, image and Google map.


Avenida del Nazareno de San Frontis, s/n, 49027 Zamora


Tlf: 980 53 50 52

How to get to Zamora

  • By car:

    ·         The main communication routes with the city of Zamora are:

    • A-6 Madrid - Tordesillas; A-11 / N-122 Tordesillas - Zamora
    • A-66, Via de la Plata
      • North: León
      • South: Salamanca
    • A-52 / N-525 Puebla de Sanabria - Galicia
    • N-122 Alcañices - Bragança
    • C-527 Bermillo de Sayago - Miranda do Douro
  • By train:
    The main line connecting with Zamora is the Talgo Madrid- A Coruña line (
  • By plane:

    The nearest airports are the following:

    Valladolid, 10 km from the capital Vallisoletana. Villanubla - 902 404 704  (

    Salamanca, 15 Km from the city.  (


zHow to get to the King Afonso Henriques Foundation


Driving direction A-11 / N-122 Tordesillas - Valladolid - Madrid

·         (Distance Madrid-Zamora 248 Km):

·         Enter by Avda. Requejo

·         Go straight ahead until you reach the Marina square.

·         Turn right (Calle de la amargura) and then turn left at the first crossroads and continue along Avda. Príncipe de Asturias.

·         Turn left onto Avda. Portugal

·         At the end of this street (before reaching the Puente de Hierro) turn right along Avenida do Mengue until you reach the entrance to the Puente de Piedra.

·         When you leave the Puente de Piedra, turn right.

       2nd Option:

·         At the end of Avda. Portugal continue along the Puente de HIerro.

·         When you leave the bridge turn right and continue along Entrepuentes street until Avda. Nazareno de San Frontis


  • Driving direction IP4 / N-122 Bragança - Alcañices

    (Distance Bragança-Zamora 104 Km):

    ·         Entrance through Avda. Frontera

    ·         Follow until the intersection with Trascastillo

    ·         Turn right into Trascastillo street and go around the wall, leaving the river on the right

    ·         Pass Puente de Piedra and turn right.


  • From A-66 / N-630 León - Benavente

    (Distance León-Zamora 135 Km.)

    From A-52 / N-525 Puebla de Sanabria - Galicia

    (Distance Puebla de Sanabria-Zamora 111 Km.):

    ·         Entrance through Avda. Galicia

    ·         Continue along the Morana hillside and the Puebla de Sanabria hillside until the Puerta la Feria roundabout

    ·         Turn right at this roundabout (Avda. de la Feria) and continue along the wall until Trascastillo, leaving it on the left.

    ·         Go around the wall, leaving the river on the right.

    ·         Arrive at Puente de Piedra and, upon exiting, turn right.


  • From A-66 / N-630 Salamanca

    (Distance Salamanca-Zamora 65 Km):

    ·         Enter towards the centre of Zamora.
    ·   At the roundabout of the cemetery take Cabañales street towards Puente de Piedra.
    ·      At the end of this street (just before reaching the Puente de Piedra) turn left into Avda. Nazareno de San Frontis





  • Route C-528 / C-527 Bermillo de Sayago - Fermoselle - Miranda do Douro

    (Distance Miranda do Douro- Zamora 55 Km.):

    ·    Enter through Avda. de Fermoselle and continue through Avda. Nazareno de San Frontis until the end of this street. 

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