Portuguese Courses and Exams

At the Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation, we offer a variety of Portuguese language learning options:


Online Courses in Collaboration with the Camões Institute: Our online platform provides you with the flexibility to learn Portuguese from anywhere. This is done in collaboration with the Camões Institute, a renowned institution in the field of Portuguese language education.

Courses with the Support of the Zamora City Council: These courses are specifically designed for groups with post-work schedules. For example, we have directed courses towards merchants, equipping them with the necessary language skills to enhance communication and business opportunities.

Summer Courses for Children in FRAH Camps: During the summer camps at the Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation, we offer Portuguese courses specially tailored for children, fostering a fun learning environment.
Portuguese Conversation Classes: For those looking to improve their conversational skills in Portuguese, we offer classes in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Regardless of your interest or level of proficiency, our range of Portuguese courses can be adapted to your specific needs. We invite you to join us in exploring the world of Portuguese and expanding your language skills.


This allows students interested in studying this language at different levels to do so with recognized quality and to take official CAPLE exams. The CAPLE system recognizes Portuguese as a foreign language within the agreement between the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture with the Camões Institute. The levels taught also conform to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which are A1/A2, B1/B2, and C1/C2, referred to as Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and University levels.

International Certification of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE)



Through a Protocol signed on March 2, 2009, with CAPLE, the Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation is currently part of the Foreign Language Evaluation and Certification System, hosting a Portuguese as a Foreign Language Exam Center.


The Portuguese as a Foreign Language Assessment Center (CAPLE) was created by a Convention signed on March 2, 1999, between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education of Portugal, represented respectively by the Camões Institute and the Department of Basic Education, and the University of Lisbon. They agreed to recognize the establishment of an Evaluation and Certification System for Portuguese as a Foreign Language.


CAPLE represents the Portuguese language in the ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe), making all certificates/diplomas recognized throughout the European Community.


With the objectives of assessing and recognizing general language competencies, the Examinations Center at FRAH conducts exams for obtaining the following certificates/diplomas:


Certificates and Diplomas in Portuguese as a Foreign Language Levels
CIPLE Initial Certificate of Portuguese as a Foreign Language A2
DEPLE Elementary Diploma in Portuguese Foreign Language B1
DIPLE Intermediate Diploma in Portuguese Foreign Language B2
DAPLE Advanced Diploma of Portuguese Foreign Language C1
DUPLE University Diploma in Portuguese Foreign Language C2



Get to know the necessary characteristics for the performance of examinations, evaluations and results:




At the following link you can find additional information about certificates and diplomas.



Registration must be done online through the CAPLE website, you can access here below: