World Heritage Route of the Douro-Duero

"Douro-Duero Iberian, World Heritage Route" is the name of the new Tourist Route launched by the Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation in 2012 for tourists traveling to Portugal or Spain.


This route was conceived in the context of the implementation of the project "World Heritage Route of the Douro Valley," co-financed by FEDER funds through the Northern Regional Operational Program ON.2. It combines the eleven sites classified by UNESCO as World Heritage existing along the Douro Valley Region. On the Portuguese side, these include the historic center of Porto, the historic center of Guimarães, Alto Douro Vinhateiro, the Rock Art Sites of the Côa Valley and its extension to Siega Verde, and on the Spanish side, the historic center of Ávila and its extramural churches, the historic center of Salamanca, the historic center of Segovia and its Roman Aqueduct, the Burgos Cathedral, and the Rock Art Site of Atapuerca and Las Médulas.




Travelers interested in exploring this route can select the destinations they wish to visit, following the suggestions provided by the Foundation on the website Here, in addition to general information about each classified site, supported by photographs, videos, and maps, tourists can choose a customized travel package tailored to their needs, allowing them to explore a region rich in landscapes, heritage, and pleasure. Alternatively, they can select one of the unique experiences available on the portal at an accessible price. The website also includes information about accommodation, gastronomy, and the events happening in the various locations along this route.


This project involves close collaboration between Portuguese and Spanish entities responsible for the management of each classified site. Therefore, for more detailed information about each location, the website provides essential links to tourist information points in the area where tourists can enhance their visit with the suggestions they find there. Join us in exploring this ancient territory that speaks of two peoples united by history and lives through the river that runs through it - the Duero/Douro.