Objetives and mission




The King Afonso Henriques Foundation has established the objectives that we want to achieve with our work and effort:

Improving cooperation

The foundation actively seeks to promote cooperation between Spain and Portugal on issues such as cross-border and institutional development.

Encourage meetings and exchanges

We seek to encourage meetings and exchanges between people and public and private institutions in the areas of education, research, economy and culture in Spain and Portugal.

Channelling economic and cultural initiatives

Channelling social, economic and cultural promotion initiatives in the Spanish-Portuguese Douro basin is another of our main objectives.


We seek to collaborate with public and private institutions, Portuguese, Spanish and at European Union level to promote and also manage programmes which encourage cooperation between Spain and Portugal, the Douro basin and cross-border regions.


 The "Mission" of the Foundation corresponds to its reason for being, its first and last purpose, its essence and existential motivation. This is why the "Mission" is relatively stable and unchanging. It brings together major objectives and principles. The Foundation's "Strategy" is the pragmatic, modifiable, revisable and adaptable consequence of the "Mission", chosen from among several established strategies.

Among our primary objectives are:


  •      To contribute to the formation of the Douro Valley as an axis of cultural, historical and heritage synergy. The vision of the Douro as an Idea of natural and historical heritage as an idea of uniqueness and brand image, within the broader framework of relations between Spain and Portugal.
  •   To contribute to the economic, social and cultural well-being of the land and people of the Douro Valley, especially the most disadvantaged.
  • Contribute to the development of the Douro Valley's own resources to retain its population, especially the youngest.